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Prokarin™ was formerly known as "Procarin". The revised spelling was adopted to avoid potential conflicts with other existing trademarks.


New Prokarin™ Disc


FIRST MONTH FREE TRIAL OFFER: One month Prokarin™ prescription with calcium supplement are free on new Rx. $25.00 for shipping will be required. This offer is exclusive from Wellness Pharmacy in Birmingham, AL.

The pharmacy contact information:
Wellness Pharmacy in Birmingham, Alabama

Wellness Pharmacy
3401 Independence Drive, Suite 231
Birmingham, AL 35209

Phone: 1-800-227-2627

Website: www.wellnesspharmacy.com

New Prokarin™ Disc:
Since it's introduction, Prokarin™ has undergone several improvements. One of the most exciting developments in the evolution of Prokarin has been the recent introduction of the one-a-day disc. The New Prokarin Disc has several advantages over the old gel-creme formulas. It does not require refrigeration, although it can be refrigerated for longer shelf life and ease of application. It is applied once a day and does not require awkward manipulation of syringes and measuring. It can be removed and re-applied after showering or swimming. Prokarin™Disc is dispensed to the patient in a pack of 28 discs. Wellness Pharmacy is the only compounding pharmacy in the United States licensed to compound Prokarin™ Discs and they will give the first month free with all new prescriptions so that you can see if Prokarin will benefit you.

Prokarin™ Enhanced H2 Disc:
In June 2011, a new version of the Prokarin™ Disc, called Prokarin Enhanced H2 Disc, was formulated for patients with more progressed symptoms. The Prokarin™ Enhanced H2 disc is more of a direct stimulator on the H2 receptor. It is not recommended for those with mild symptoms as it will be difficult to dose for those people.

Dosing: Dosing information is included with each individual prescription.

Refrigeration is recommended for longer shelf life but the Prokarin™ Disc and the Prokarin™ Enhanced H2 Disc can be carried for travel at room temp.

A prescription is required. If you don’t have a doctor to prescribe, then Dr. Kurt Woeller will do Skype consultations. Dr. Woeller's email contact to inquire is info@mysunrisecenter.com . Dr. Wendy Ellis will do phone consultations and the number to call to inquire about a phone consult is 206-402-4215.

Prescription cost per month:
$208.00 plus Shipping cost of $25.00. Calcium/Magnesium supplements are included with each month’s refill at no additional cost.

Insurance Coverage:
Some insurance companies do cover this prescription. It depends on the individual policy. Wellness Pharmacy provides a Universal Claim Form for you to submit to your insurance. Elaine will also provide assistance for appeal if denied by insurance.


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